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    that perfectly fits your business' risk appetite and budget
  • The No. 1 comprehensive cybersecurity platform that fits your budget.

Provide 24/7 comprehensive, integrated, contextual cybersecurity and breach prevention for large enterprises and small and medium businesses' IT, OT and IoT environments.

Why Turn CDC-On?

THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF comprehensive, integrated CYBERSECURITY

CDC-On is a comprehensive, contextual Cybersecurity platform that integrates and aggregates: SOC, NOC, governance, compliance, security audit, SIEM, log management, incident management, critical asset identification, vulnerability management, internal, external, network, wireless penetration testing, intrusion detection and more >

End-point detection and response (EDR), security orchestration and automation (SOAR), user behavioural analytics, (UEBA) security event correlation and triaging, eye on the glass monitoring, threat intelligence (TI), incident response (IR), ransomeware, antivirus, firewalls, IDS, IPS, IAM security, business continuity, BCP DR, security strategy, policies, procedures, GRC, managed CISO, SOC, SIEM, cloud security, AWS, Azure, Red team, blue team assessment, compromise assessment, digital forensics, malware analysis, source code review, application security assessment, mobile application security, smart and embedded systems security, data leak prevention (DLP), GDPR, security program and strategy, security software development, wireless, VoIP, VPN, advanced persistent threats (APT) and Darknet monitoring.

Sectors: IT, Government, Defense and Aerospace, Law enforcement, Automotive, Transportation, Life sciences, Banking & Financials, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecom, Energy, Transit and Rail security, Aviation and Shipping Cybersecurity
Compliance and regulatory standards: NIST ISF, SANS, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 62443, GLA, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA, GDPR, NESA, SAMA

Turned On in Harmony under a Single Dashboard

Turning CDC-On:

The only cybersecurity platform that lets you customize and tailor your cyber protection that perfectly fits within your budget and risk appetite.


Turning CDC-On let's you build your own virtual cybersecurity team lead by industry veteran CISOs, security experts and technologists. CDC-On support team available as managed shared pool, ring-fenced, or client-CDC integrated support and triage structure.

Our Team

Turning ON CDC-On gets you an unique comprehensive cybersecurity system that unifies all your security tools, people, and processes reporting to a unified integrated command centre dashboard. Completes the circle of cyber protection with security transformation, operation, and active response:

Critical asset identification
Existing Asset inventory review
Review existing Asset management process
Asset identification
List of critical assets with severity mapping
Initial assessment report
Critical cyber assets to protect

Policies, standards, processes and controls
Policy framework review
Policy integration recommendation
Policy/Compliance 24X7 automated monitoring

Security architecture
Network security architecture review
Architecture review report
Change management
IT operations management

Security monitoring
Critical alerts monitoring
Proactive detection
Compliance monitoring
Real-time critical event alerting
using in build ids engines
Packet / Payload inspection
for effective network filtering
Advanced built in threat intelligence to listen
and compare with threats across the globe.
Cross product analytics to
discover attack patterns
Risk/ threat posture mapping with
multiple nodes such as host, domain, user etc.
Geographical attack representations
for easy visibility
Custom Use Case based Monitoring
DNS Monitoring
User Agent Monitoring
MIME Type Analysis
Perimeter security monitoring
Privilege elevation monitoring
IOC Analysis and identification
Advisory details and recommendations
Integrated workflow
Kill chain based use case tagging
Patch Management % / Known Vulnerabilities
Denied FTP Requests
Denied Telnet Requests
Failed Remote Logins
VPN Connections / Failed VPN Connections
Blacklisted IP Blocked Alert
Branch Connectivity Lost
New Admin Credentials created
Brutforce monitoirng
VLAN ACL violations
Changes to Group Policy
Increase in network bandwidth
DNS Request anomalies
Alert triaging
Historical log analysis
External feeds integration
Intelligence database

Vulnerability scanning
Vulnerability data analysis
Remediation recommendation

Infrastructure security
External penetration testing
Internal penetration testing
Penetration testing reports : identified issues and recommendations, ranked by risk level. Advisory support for remediation

Secure configuration
Configuration review -two critical systems and devices
Configuration review report :identified issues and recommendations, ranked by risk level. Advisory support for remediation

Incident response
Half-Yearly Hunt exercise
Required IR support for critical events via email.